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Mini Coaching Sessions

3 months - 10 years

I work with amazing yet exhausted and frustrated parents, like you, of babies and toddlers who are still struggling with an aspect of sleep.

Maybe it's early morning rising. Maybe it's short naps. Maybe it's that a vacation derailed things. Or just a dreaded regression you can't seem to come out of.


Whatever it is, you can't seem to solve this piece of the puzzle (and there's no shame in that, sleep is complex and there are a lot of nuances to teaching a little one to sleep well all the time!).


A Focused Coaching Call with a Certified Sleep Consultant will give you the guidance you need to have ALL of sleep going smoothly.

Who will benefit from a Mini Coaching Session?

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Do you:


  • Feel stuck with a child who isn’t sleeping consistently?

  • Have some nights that go by peacefully, while other nights are full of wake-ups?

  • Have days where naps are perfect, only to be followed by restless nights?

  • Feel like just when you think you've figured it out, your little one wakes up...again?

Any of that sound like you? Many parents wonder if this is just how it has to be. Some have even told me that they’re not sure if there's anything at all that will get their child back on track. 

Sleep regressions are a normal part of your child's growth, influenced by their cognitive, physical, and emotional development, as well as changes in their environment. If you’ve been struggling with recent disruptions to your child's sleep, it’s time to connect. 

Our 30-minute mini-session is designed to provide you with practical advice and actionable steps to improve your child's sleep right away.

How to Get Started​


Checkout online,

schedule your phone consultation, & complete the questionnaire so I may prepare for our call.


Have  your 30 minute phone consultation to get your little one back on track in no time.


Receive the recommendations we discuss documented via email, so you have a plan to stay on track.

Our Sleep Success Story

We experienced our first 12 hour stretch of sleep


Amazing!!! I feel like a whole new person. 

We were all exhausted and I had started working part-time so I needed all of my energy to be able to do that successfully.


Hilliary has our highest recommendation. We started working with Hilliary when our baby boy was 9.5 months old.


We had got into the routine of doing a “dream feed” with him but it lasted much longer than we anticipated and he began to wakeup for it. He would then wakeup 1-2 more times and expect to be nursed back to sleep.

After just 4 nights on our customized sleep plan, we experienced our first 12 hour stretch of sleep.

This is the best investment we could have made!



Alayna, Happy Mama

You and your child will both be enjoying sleep filled nights and energetic days before you know it.

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was personally selected, mentored, and trained by none other than Dana Obleman, the renowned sleep expert and founder of the Sleep Sense program, which has helped more than 57,000 families around the globe solve their child’s sleeping problems once and for all.


Additionally, her past experience working as a child and family psychologist and social worker informs her approach in an individualized and empowering way, which has led to her clients’ wild success.

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