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Your help is here...

I work with the exhausted and frustrated parents of babies and children who just won’t sleep.


You’ve read books and blogs on sleep, but none of the strategies have worked. You’re at your wit’s end and just don’t know what else to do! 


Or... you’re simply so tired you’re struggling to try anything to help your little one sleep.


Either way, you’re ready to be done spending hours each night trying to get your child to sleep.

Meet Hilliary

Together, we can teach your child to sleep 10-12 hours each night and take restful daytime naps, so you can…..


  • Take a shower, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with your partner or friends, or go to bed early yourself!

  • Have a healthy child, which is your first defense against the nasty colds that are going around daycare.

  • Have confidence when you put your baby to bed, instead of dreading what the night will bring.

  • Have the same energy you did before you ever had kids in the first place!

It doesn't have to be this way

Why Hilliary?

One thing that all of my clients have in common is RESULTS! We aren’t done until your sleep goals are met. 


By the time we are finished working together, your child will be falling asleep by themselves at bedtime and naptime AND sleeping through the night!


I was personally selected, trained, and mentored by the world renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman. Dana’s certification program is one of the best, and most extensive in the world and I am honored to be one of the less than 200 Certified Sleep Sense Consultants across the globe.


See My Sleep Philosophy

My sleep journey....

When my son was born I believed the myth that not sleeping was “just part of being a parent” and that he would one day “grow out of it” (have you thought this, too?). The first three months were defined by waking up several times a night, but by four months, my son had stopped sleeping in his bassinet. I was now sharing a bed with my son who needed to nurse to get back to sleep... every 45 minutes….ALL NIGHT LONG.


 I was confined to bed for as long as I wanted him to try and sleep, yet neither of us were sleeping well, and my husband had moved to the couch. 


After a few months, something had to change.


Then, we hired a sleep consultant.




By night 3, our son was sleeping through the night and falling asleep independently. He still does that and wakes up restful, happy, and energetic every day. And, I'm a better parent and partner because of it. 


Our sons

It was this experience that inspired me to train to become a pediatric sleep specialist. I didn’t want other parents to have to go through what I went through, but if they were deep in the trenches of sleep deprivation I also wanted them to experience the same life-changing support around their family’s sleep as I did.


It made ALL the difference in the world. 


I’ve spent much of my professional career working to improve the lives of children and families, utilizing my education in psychology and social work to provide care for children, support little ones with developmental disabilities, and teach trauma informed yoga and mindfulness to youth who have suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences.


This breadth of experience informs my approach to working with families to solve their child’s sleep problems in a respectful, individualized, and empowering way, and I know that healthy, restful sleep can be such a powerful determinant for well-being and happiness in your family!

Contact me for your complimentary Sleep Evaluation call today.


Your baby’s sleep starts today. 

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 is a pediatric sleep specialist, family coach, and speaker.


She is Founder and Owner of Tranquil Beginnings, where she has helped countless families solve their children’s sleeping problems once and for all through her customized sleep plans and personalized follow-up support.


She spends her days with her husband and two sons exploring all the outdoor adventure, live music, culture and amazing food that St. Augustine, FL has to offer.

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