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Sleeping Newborn

Newborn Sleep Solutions

Birth to 12-16 Weeks

I work with expecting parents and parents of newborns, like you, who want to avoid sleeping problems by teaching their child to sleep well from day one.


The only problem is you are overwhelmed by the information you’ve Googled about newborn sleep and don’t know where to start.


Together we can teach your baby healthy sleep habits from the beginning!

So you can have less sleepless nights and your baby can get the sleep their brain and body needs to thrive

Are you:


  • A first time mom that feels like you know nothing about these tiny humans called newborns, but want to get this parenting thing right from day one?

  • A second, third, or fourth time mom that has lived through sleepless nights, but knows there has to be a better way this time around?

  • The kind of person that knows you aren’t going to function well as a mom with little to no sleep?

  • Four weeks into this parenting gig and wondering if you’ll ever sleep again?


Any of that sound like you? Many parents tell me they are surprised to hear there is actually something you can do to get your newborn on the right path to good sleep from the start. 

Just imagine ...

Seeing your newborn begin to sleep longer stretches at night, next thing you know they’re only waking up ONE time a night to feed.

  • Having the correct information that you need NOW to get your newborn to sleep.

  • Being able to teach your newborn sleep all on their own.

  • Knowing that the habits you are creating for your newborn’s sleep aren’t going to accidentally end up causing you more sleepless nights down the road.

  • Being the first one in your group for new moms getting to share that your daughter just slept through the night….like the whole night!

  • Going from anxious and unprepared to confident in your child’s ability to sleep.

  • Having the plan to sleep filled nights and energetic days. It’s pretty much like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

These are exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do about your family’s sleep.


To say they felt frustrated and didn't know what to do when night time came is an understatement.

Our Sleep Success Story

Every penny was worth it!

As a mom of two, I thought I knew exactly how to add a third to the mix and get her sleeping on a schedule.


However, my daughter has very much so humbled me and taught me that all babies are different! Nothing that worked for the first two worked for her. We were at our wits end when Hilliary entered our lives.


Our daughter started sleeping through the night (11-12 hours!) by 8 weeks and hasn't needed a night feeding since! She also naps like a dream! My boys took more coaxing to nap but with Hilliary's guidance, even my nanny and in-laws say how shocked they are that we can all put her down awake and she goes to sleep! We are so grateful. Every penny was worth it!

Sarah A.

8-14-21 Gemma a .jpeg

When you teach your child to sleep with a Tranquil Beginnings sleep package...

You’ll get through the sleep training process so much quicker, with less stress and tears, and with more success than you ever thought possible.

Image by Jonathan Borba


Birth to 12-16 Weeks



  • Preliminary Sleep Evaluation Call

  • Questionnaire and Comprehensive Assessment

  • Temperament Checklist

  • Newborn Sleep Foundations Plan

  • Newborn Sleep Consultation w/ Recommendations Specific to Your Child based on Assessment

  • Tranquil Beginnings Tool Kit (resource guides)

  • Virtual Bedroom Assessment

*Results of the Silver level package are heavily dependent on parents' ability to be consistent on their own, hold themselves accountable, and manage the troubleshooting process on their own.


Please reach out with any questions regarding the Silver Package and to inquire if your family would be a good fit for the package.

Everything in GOLD PLUS:

  • Evening Voxer Support *

  • Weekend Voxer Support *

  • 2 BONUS Check-In Calls "Banked" for 6 months

  • 6 Months Extended Email Support

   * Beginning when baby is 12 weeks





​​Everything in SILVER PLUS:

  • Custom Sleep Plan Written at 12 Weeks (to build on your newborn's skills to continue with great sleep)

  • Private Coaching through 3 Months (12 weeks) w/ Updated Assessments

  • Private Coaching through 4 Months (16 weeks)

  • Weekly Email Support through 3 Months (12 weeks)

  • Scheduled Check In Calls

  • Graduation Phone Call

  • Tranquil Beginnings Tool Kit (resource guides)

  • Interactive Sleep Log *

  • Weekday Voxer Support M, W-F (9am-2pm EST) *

  • Virtual Bedroom Assessment

   * Beginning when baby is 12 weeks

*Offered for clients in the St. Augustine/Jacksonville, FL area

Add-on services

Any add-on service that is provided in-home is available for clients in St. Augustine/Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas only

Baby's Room

In-home Consultation

Image by Patty Brito

Additional Sibling Packages

10% off cost of standard package if booked at the same time

Image by frank mckenna

Twins Coaching

$150 to add support of tiwn

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Gift Certificate

Available upon request


You and your child will both be enjoying sleep filled nights and energetic days before you know it.

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was personally selected, mentored, and trained by none other than Dana Obleman, the renowned sleep expert and founder of the Sleep Sense program, which has helped more than 57,000 families around the globe solve their child’s sleeping problems once and for all.


Additionally, her past experience working as a child and family psychologist and social worker informs her approach in an individualized and empowering way, which has led to her clients’ wild success.

Your sleepless nights end here!


Book your complimentary sleep evaluation call below

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