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Do you spend hours feeding, rocking, or bouncing your baby to sleep, but no matter how quiet you are, they wake up as soon as you lay them down in their crib?

Or, do you spend hours laying with your toddler rubbing their back to help them fall asleep, only to find them standing in the doorway to your bedroom two hours later?

Is your lack of sleep is affecting your entire life from your health and wellness, and your career, to your relationships, and your overall happiness?

Make Changes TONIGHT with the

5 Steps to Getting Your Child to Sleep Through the Night


Hi, I'm Hilliary

Restoring peace, sleep and harmony to families near and far with kiddos who struggle with sleep!

At Tranquil Beginnings we change parents' lives, by teaching their child to sleep through the night …. so they can sleep through the night, too. So they can regain their sanity and reclaim a sense of control over their life. So they can be healthy, happy, and functioning parents. And so they can have healthy, happy, and thriving children. Schedule your complimentary 20 minute sleep evaluation call today to learn more!




The Newborn Package is for expecting families or families who have a newborn baby (0 to 12 weeks old). It also makes a fantastic baby shower gift for someone you love! 


The Infant Package is specifically designed for babies 13 weeks – 17 months of age and is perfect for those parents who are tired of waking up in the middle of the night, struggling with short naps or are just trying to get their little ones to sleep in their crib. 


​​The Toddler and Big Kid Package is ideal for the toddler, preschooler, or even elementary age child who never quite got the hang of sleeping in their own bed, is still waking up multiple times a night, or other sleep struggles that come with age.  It’s not too late to teach your child independent sleep skills! 




Worried about starting your sleep plan on your own? Some parents feel reassured having us (literally) by their side that first night. Do you live in Dallas, TX or the surrounding areas?  I can come to you!

Sucess Stories

Hilliary shattered all of my initial hesitations to begin sleep training my son and worked tirelessly and compassionately to make sure we were doing alright through the process. Within days, my son went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 12+ hours through the night. I cannot thank her enough for all the magical, wonderful work she is doing! She is a true professional and has a lovely, supportive attitude that makes working with her an absolute joy. But the results speak for themselves..

Kate, Happy Mama

Our family is SO Grateful to have been referred to Hilliary! Our baby girl is 9 months old and was still walking 2+ times a night to eat, to say we were exhausted was an understatement. Our baby is also a heart baby with 2 surgeries down and still 1 to go so I didn't want her in her room just crying it out. Hilliary gave us the tools to help her enjoy sleep and after 1 NIGHT she was sleeping through the night. Hilliary is such a great resource and so compassionate we are so happy with the results, thank you!!!

Casey, Happy Mama

Our 3.5 year old son went from being a consistent independent sleeper to developing fears of the dark and frequent night wakings, which were taking their toll on our family. We reached out to Hilliary for guidance to get him back on track and have input from an unbiased person (we couldn't think straight anymore!). She gave us a clear sleep plan to follow after learning what we were looking for, and was open to modifying it as our son's needs changed. Within weeks he was falling asleep on his own and getting back to sleeping through the night. We are all so much more well rested!

Jen and Doug, Happy Parents

Are you ready


to sleep?

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