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Success Stories

We are all well-rested and so happy. It's seriously a miracle!!!

Karen W. 

Happy mama of 11 month old

Before hiring Hilliary, I was worried about the pains of going through a transition/training, possibly worse nights sleeping for a little while, and lots of crying and tough emotions but knew it was all for a good reason. I had no hesitations about working with Hilliary because my cousin had wonderful success working with her previously.

After working with Hilliary, my one year old daughter now goes to sleep by herself in her crib within minutes (no rocking and no pacifier anymore!) and knows how to self-soothe. She sleeps through the night for a solid 11-13 hours. She naps once a day for 1-2 hours (sometimes a little longer!) around the same time every day.


We are all well-rested and so happy. It's seriously a miracle!!! I loved working with Hilliary because she was so attentive to every detail and piece of data. She was quick on her feet and flexible when adapting to Noelle's transitional age in going between one and two naps a day and also between daycare days and non-daycare days.


She was able to strategize and give me a working plan all the while being super caring and supportive. She is really experienced and knowledgeable, and it shows! I am now so much more confident as a mom, and life is so much easier now! It is much easier to make plans around naptime and bedtime because I know in advance when those will happen! I also know how to be flexible (and not have anxiety) when things happen like sickness, a bad nap, car rides, etc.


I 100% recommend Hilliary to anyone with little kids who are not falling asleep on their own, not sleeping in their own beds, not sleeping through the night, and not on a consistent nap/sleep schedule. I recommend Hilliary because she is caring, attentive, smart, supportive, gentle, consistent, detail-oriented, most importantly SUCCESSFUL! If you are ready to make changes in your home and have two weeks to prioritize your little one's sleep, this is a great decision. 


Hilliary really cares about babies and families and helping us have happy, healthy, well-rested lives. We need more people like her, and I hope that someday having a sleep consultant is the norm for new parents! I think it's still viewed as a little unconventional. People should be able to put a sleep consultant fund on their baby registry! Sleep is THAT important.


I couldn't have done it without Hilliary, and I wish we had worked with her MUCH SOONER! We could have been sleeping better months ago. She's the best. Thank you so much!

I never ever thought was possible! 

Our 13 month old son would only be rocked to sleep and then had to sleep next to me. As time went on it would take longer, he would sleep less and it would get more frustrating for everyone.


He now sleeps in his crib for all naps and bedtime, without rocking, which I never ever thought was possible!  Our son now gets the sleep he needs and my husband I get so much more free time, we often look at each other and don’t know what to do with ourselves!


Definitely one of the best decisions I have made as a mom so far.


Alex and Mike F.

He is able to settle himself into sleep

Having two children and a traveling partner, bedtime was often a disaster for me. My son needed to be bounced and rocked to sleep while my daughter played alone, waiting for me to do her routine for sometimes close to an hour.


After working with Hilliary, my son now only needs to be sung a lullaby after our bedtime routine and he is able to settle himself into sleep.


I am so thrilled to have gained some extra time with my daughter and also to have my nights free, for when my husband isn't traveling for work! Thank you Hilliary!!


 Emma S.

We saw improvement immediately!

Our daughter was waking and feeding 2-3 times a night resulting in a very tired family. 


After meeting and working with Hilliary, we saw improvement immediately and our daughter was sleeping through the night on her own within a few days!


IMG_2249 (1).JPG

Kendall & Tim H.

From waking every 2 hours to sleeping 12+ hours through the night

Hilliary shattered all of my initial hesitations to begin sleep training my son and worked tirelessly and compassionately to make sure we were doing alright through the process.


Within days, my son went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 12+ hours through the night. I cannot thank her enough for all the magical, wonderful work she is doing!


She is a true professional and has a lovely, supportive attitude that makes working with her an absolute joy. But the results speak for themselves...


Kate W.

Within three days he was sleeping through the night

A mutual friend brought us to Hilliary. We had been struggling with getting our second child to sleep through the night. With our first, he was our total focus so getting his schedule right was easier.


With a three year old, infant and both parents working we slid into a rut of waking up every two hours to soothe our baby. We became grumpy miserable zombie people.


Naps we’re all over the place, literally, the car, parents bed, anywhere but the crib. Hilliary was who we needed. Someone to talk us through and hold us accountable to getting our ten month old on a schedule. He needed and we desperately did.


Within three days he was sleeping through the night, napping in his crib, everyone’s mood in the house improved. We had rest! We were human again! We were happy- it was a foreign feeling.

I don’t regret the money spent because there is no price tag on on sleep!

Lauren S.

Happy mama of 10 month old

Lauren S..jpg

He sleeps about twelve hours every night!

Before working with Hilliary, our little guy was waking up three, four, even five times a night at 7 months old.


Add that with the shortest naps ever and we were just in survival mode. We're so thankful for Hilliary's help and expertise, because now his naps are lengthening and best of all, he sleeps about twelve hours every night!


Melissa and Bryan A.

She met all of our needs and stood by us until we met our goals.

Hillary was absolutely fantastic. She gave us as new parents the confidence and support we needed to get our daughter sleeping through the night.


She met all of our needs and stood by us until we met our goals. She worked with us on our unique scheduling situations and made sure we would be successful in the future.


I recommend her service for any sleep support you need!

Erica H.

Happy mom of Thomasin (6 months)

Erica H..png

Within weeks he was falling asleep on his own

Our 3.5 year old son went from being a consistent independent sleeper to developing fears of the dark and frequent night wakings, which were taking their toll on our family.


We reached out to Hilliary for guidance to get him back on track and have input from an unbiased person (we couldn't think straight anymore!). She gave us a clear sleep plan to follow after learning what we were looking for, and was open to modifying it as our son's needs changed.


Within weeks he was falling asleep on his own and getting back to sleeping through the night. We are all so much more well rested!​


Jen and Doug L.

I am both better rested and feel like I have more time to do things!​

Before the sleep training, our 5 month old was waking up every night after only 2 or 3 hours of sleep, then every hour after that, and needing to breastfeed back to sleep each time.


Now, he sleeps in his own bed for over 10 hours, most nights with only one or two short wakings, and each time he puts himself back to sleep; I don't even have to get out of bed.


The best part is that his new abilities translated into longer naps during the day, so I am both better rested and feel like I have more time to do things!​


Sonia and Tim H.

Amazing!!! I feel like a whole new person.

We started working with Hilliary when our baby boy was 9.5 months old. We had got into the routine of doing a “dream feed” with him but it lasted much longer than we anticipated and he began to wakeup for it.


He would then wake up 1-2 more times and expect to be nursed back to sleep. We were all exhausted and I had started working part-time so I needed all of my energy to be able to do that successfully.


After just 4 nights on our customized sleep plan we experienced our first 12 hour stretch of sleep. Amazing!!! I feel like a whole new person.


This is the best investment we could have made. Hilliary has our highest recommendation.


Alayna and Matt B.

Sometimes some people are just a miracle in our life......

when you are a brand new mom and you care so much for your baby and you don’t know what to do.


The day I contacted Hilliary I was so desperate I had know idea what to do. I explained to her what was wrong with my baby’s sleep. She helped me a lot, step by step. She called me and emailed me everyday. She taught me what to do. I don’t know how to thank Hilliary. I really appreciate her and if anything happens in the future when I need help, I will for sure contact her.


I love the way she is! Today was the last day of the session and I was almost crying when she was talking to me. Thank you Hilliary!


Rana P.

Hilliary gave us the tools to help her enjoy sleep and after 1 NIGHT

Our family is SO Grateful to have been referred Hilliary! Our baby girl is 9 months old and was still walking 2+ times a night to eat, to say we were exhausted was an understatement.


Our baby is also a heart baby with 2 surgeries down and still 1 to go so I didn't want her in her room just crying it out. Hilliary gave us the tools to help her enjoy sleep and after 1 NIGHT she was sleeping through the night.


Hilliary is such a great resource and so compassionate we are so happy with the results thank you!​


Casey T.

Our little guy slept through the night on night two!

This program was amazing and worth every penny. Our 13 month old was very reliant upon myself and nursing in order to sleep and go back to sleep.


I had been co-sleeping half the night for a year. After seeking help and following the customized plan (no cry it out, we are not for that method) for one night our little guy slept through the night on night two! We were shocked.


He’s been sleeping through the night since in his crib. I highly recommend this program.


Niki R.

After only a day or two, Grace was sleeping through the night

My husband and I sought help to sleep train our 8-month old daughter after fully exhausting all other options. Our daughter was waking up every hour or two each night and sometimes staying up as long as 3 hours at a time! We had read books, talked to doctors, and tried several times to help our daughter sleep, but we had little success.


By the time we reached out to Hillary, we were desperate! She was very supportive, patient, and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. It was especially helpful to me that she communicated SO thoroughly and consistently, never failing to answer a single question (and I had MANY!). Her availability and detailed instructions and feedback really gave us the structure we needed to successfully navigate this difficult step in our new lives as parents.


Seeing our child struggle at first was hard, but Hillary's support and understanding of what was best for our baby gave us the confidence to push through the initial resistance. And once we did, we quickly began seeing positive results.


After only a day or two, Grace was sleeping through the night. And now she consistently sleeps a full 12 hours every night! Her transformation is a true testimony of the effectiveness of Tranquil Beginnings' service. This change not only improved our daughter's life, but significantly improved our us time to rest, be together, and get things done (when previously we had to attend to our daughter almost every waking hour--as well as our sleeping hours!)


We strongly recommend Hillary's service to others. It may be costly, but the investment is well worth the return!


Laura T.

Our little guy slept through the night on night two!

When we reached out to Tranquil Beginnings, we were at our wits end! Our little one was not sleeping through the nights. Waking up often, had to be held to go to sleep, sometimes upwards of 45 minutes. And at 2 1/2 years old, would not give up the soothie/pacifier.


Hilliary was absolutely amazing right from the beginning. With a great intro call, lots of time for questions, going over our lifestyle and routines and setting goals, a wonderful plan was created.


The first night was difficult but manageable with Hilliary's help. Along the way, she answered every question we could think of. We had follow up calls and check in. We never felt alone through this whole process.  

Our happy toddler now sleeps through the night, settling so easily at bedtime. No more soothie since the very first day! And if he does wake in the middle of the night which is super rare, he is able to put himself back to sleep. Giving us and him a gift of good night's sleep is priceless! Thank you Hilliary! 

Sarah W.

The opportunity to plan our days with confidence of knowing when the baby will be sleeping

We were not sure if we were going to get a truly value-added advice because of the inconsistency we were having with our baby’s sleep schedule. Could we really break his habits of waking up in the middle of the night?

Now our baby Aj sleeps through the night! He can also put himself to sleep during his nap times with less protesting than when we started. The best part of working with Hilliary was her consistent communication. We had questions almost every day and she was very helpful and timely with her responses.

And all of that resulted in better sleep for us and for Aj. And the opportunity to plan our days with confidence of knowing when the baby will be sleeping. We would recommend this service to anyone who is not getting rest because of their infant/child waking during the night. That was our biggest concern so we know how challenging that can.


We recommend the service because it has helped produce more sleep and consistency for ourselves and for our baby.


The most important thing to know when teaching your baby to sleep well with a program like Hilliary's is that you are going to need to be “consistent” and to stick to the plan. A lot of our experience was to stop doing the things we thought we should do to help our baby sleep that were actually hurting his sleep pattern.

Aeron and Pamela S.

I can’t thank Hilliary enough she has helped my family tremendously.

I can’t think of anything I would have done differently. Sabrina was a very difficult little person and it took us quite a while to figure her out.


I think it is important to note that every family and child is different. I think Hilliary did a great job trying to work with what would help our family and baby. It is nice to know that the plan she creates is customized to each family. She followed up with me and helped me make changes when they were needed as well.


I can’t thank Hilliary enough she has helped my family tremendously. We were only sleeping maybe 2 hours uninterrupted each night for months. She stuck with us and continually provided me and Sabrina support. Sabrina was difficult between the feeding difficulties, tongue tie, mouth breathing, reflux, colic, night disturbances and unpredictable emotions.


Despite all of those obstacles I feel like we have made huge strides. Sabrina now goes to sleep on her own and takes two daily naps. She sleeps overnight so much better than she ever was before meeting Hilliary. Hilliary has helped us and guided us through this process so well.


I also now feel empowered to reach out to my medical practitioners and look for answers. The consistency and knowledge I have now will only help us all sleep better.

Melissa T.


Cooper (our 2.5 year old) no longer needs us in the room to go to sleep! He is willing to stick to a bedtime routine and now does so without a fight or tears when we leave.

We were hesitant to work with a sleep consultant generally, based on a perceived cost of that type of service. We gave Hilliary a call when she was recommended by our pediatrician as someone with results and a lower-cost business model (compared to having a consultant come to our home).


After working with Hilliary, Cooper (our 2.5 year old) no longer needs us in the room to go to sleep! He is willing to stick to a bedtime routine and now does so without a fight or tears when we leave. Hilliary is friendly, available, and was always willing to help troubleshoot problems in an open and flexible way. She knows that all kids are different and that one size does not necessarily fit all.


The adults are also now sleeping better because we can sleep in our own bed as well, often all night without interruption. We would absolutely recommend Hilliary to others!


Entering lockdown from a global pandemic in Week 3 of our formal program was not in anyone's plans; however, as a mom of littles as well, Hilliary was understanding and offered tips for managing nap and changing schedules. The best part - Cooper had already bought into the bedtime sleep routine, and despite the schedule being completely off now, his bedtime is still consistent. Also, I'd like to share that Hilliary's business model is also very good for the times we are in!


Megan and Kevin C.

Now both of our kids are in bed at 7:00 every night. We’ve started watching tv again!

Before working with Hilliary, I kept thinking that our family’s sleep problems would solve itself. We’d have a good night every now and then and it was hard to admit we needed outside help until I was so desperate to email her at 3:00am!


We worked with Hilliary for our 3 year old and 12 month old. Now, both kids have been going to sleep quickly at bedtime, and staying asleep until the morning! We all feel so much better!  

One of the best things about working with Hilliary was how supported we felt. We didn’t want the sleepless nights to continue, but just felt at a loss as to how to break the cycle. Hilliary’s knowledge about toddler sleep, creative & thoughtful ideas coupled with the daily check ins gave us confidence that this could be accomplished without making our kids suffer.


Now both of our kids are in bed at 7:00 every night. We’ve started watching tv again! I absolutely recommend Hilliary to any parents whose kids are not sleeping through the night consistently. It is so hard to know how to handle poor sleep situations in the middle of the night when you yourself are exhausted and frustrated. Hilliary’s plan gave us the tools to know exactly how to respond to night wakings and early morning wake ups.


I would also recommend Hilliary to new parents- I wish we had called her so, so much sooner! Good sleep is beyond priceless. If we have another baby, I will be calling her before there even is a sleep problem!

Last, I think it is important that other parents know that sleep training with Hilliary is truly not as daunting as “sleep training” sounds. She really has mastered setting kids up for sleep success through the customized sleep plan.

We still say nightly that Hilliary is one of the best investments we ever made! We are truly forever grateful.

Diana and Stephen R. 


We even tried the cry it out method (which I HATE) and didn’t work. Believe me we tried it all.

“Bare with me, my testimony is long. Spoiler: it’s a SUCCESSFUL one and I hope this proves to you reading how THANKFUL we are to Hilliary, that she is AMAZING to work with, and saved my husband and I’s sanity.  The beginning of March, my then 9 month old was waking up 3-5 times a night at this point. I had read books on sleep, took advice from friends and family, bought a program online (none of which cater to your child specifically). My daughter, Bowen, would give us glimpses of hope rarely here and there having a good night of sleep. We would pick her up out of her crib, rock her back to sleep, or even sometimes put her in bed with us. Half of the time when we would lay her back down she would get so upset, scream and cry, and not go back to sleep. That's when we finally decided not to pick her up out of her crib and only sooth her inside her crib. We did this for a month thinking that would solve our issues possibly.


It slightly improved to 2 night wakings. However, with these wakings, specifically the second waking in the middle of the night, she would fight her sleep up to 2 hours. We would have to stand in her room with our hand on her, giving her a pacifier, or comforting her anyway we could. This also became a pattern and her dependent on us to go back to sleep. We even tried the cry it out method (which I HATE) and didn’t work. Believe me we tried it all. I got recommended to Hilliary by our pediatrician. (Rewind back to the 4-5 wakings). The one mistake I made is I had talked to Hilliary then and never pulled the trigger. It wasn’t until almost a month later at 10 months old that I finally called her back and said I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP!


At 11 months old I can say that my daughter sleeps 12 (YES 12) hours a night! It didn’t happen over night, it took several days into the program for my daughter to get the hang of the adjustments we did. There were times she regressed and I was discouraged. The one thing that kept me so positive was Hilliary. She was there EVERY step of the way. She encouraged me, listened to me vent when I was feeling defeated, she kept my spirits up, and would constantly remind me that I am doing a good job. Most importantly reminded me that I’m a good mama. She really specifically digs deep into what YOUR child needs and adjusts accordingly to what my little girl needed. When I thought my daughter needed more time, Hilliary willingly kept supporting me.


Overall, Bowen sleeps independently with naps and all throughout the night. She goes down on her own for nap time and puts herself to sleep at bedtime and STAYS asleep all night long. We don’t even use the pacifier anymore (I thought this would be tremendously hard and it totally wasn’t). It has changed everything for my husband and I. We used to anticipate when Bowen would wake up, never get into the groove of watching a show, or simply just spending quality time together. Now going into bedtime routine it’s a happy bonding time instead of anxiety filled knowing we would see her several more times before morning. (Not that I didn’t LOVE my night time snuggles, but this mama and daddy were long overdue TIRED).


I told Hilliary multiple times we are so GRATEFUL for her and her dedication to help us get Bowen the sleep she needed (and the sleep we as her parents needed). Without a doubt, hands down, working with Hilliary was the best decision. Had I known the impossible could have been achieved, I would have worked with her MUCH sooner. Thank you again Hilliary and for your outstanding dedication to my family!”


Megan and Josh S.

After the first night of working with Hilliary, Ava slept through the night and never turned back!

When my husband and I started having to take sleep shifts with our 10 month old, Ava, who was waking 2-3x a night which then resulted in us being exhausted and having less quality family time with our 4 year old we decided something needed to change.


I attended a sleep talk with Hilliary from a mom’s group I am in and left wanting to know more about what we could do differently to help our baby and our whole family, as well, get more rest.


After the first night of working with Hilliary, Ava slept through the night and never turned back! Yay! Also she is now taking two naps a day instead of one which is helping her to not be so fussy and has led to better play time with both my kids.


Hilliary was great to work with and was very responsive to any questions and feedback. I would recommend her to everyone with a baby to help them to learn to sleep better from the start!

Molly D.

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