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5 Proven Steps to Getting Your Child to Sleep Through the Night

Mother Holding Baby

Do you spend hours rocking, bouncing, or feeding your child to sleep each night?



Maybe you spend hours trying to get your toddler in bed with their stalling tactics of "just one more story" or "another drink of water, please"?

Have you read sleep books or blogs, but the strategies haven't worked?

If so, you've come to the right place.


You can start seeing improvements in your family's sleep TONIGHT with the

"5 Proven Steps to Getting Your Child to Sleep Through the Night" guide.



Let me help you go from exhausted and at your wits end to rested, rejuvenated, and back in control of your life!

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A mutual friend brought us to Hilliary. We had been struggling with getting our second child to sleep through the night.


With our first, he was our total focus so getting his schedule right was easier. With a three year old, infant and both parents working we slid into a rut of waking up every two hours to soothe our baby. We became grumpy miserable zombie people.


Naps? We’re all over the place, literally, the car, parents bed, anywhere but the crib. Hilliary was who we needed. Someone to talk us through and hold us accountable to getting our ten month old on a schedule. He needed and we desperately did.


Within three days he was sleeping through the night, napping in his crib, everyone’s mood in the house improved. We had rest! We were human again! We were happy- it was a foreign feeling.

I don’t regret the money spent because there is no price tag on on sleep!

Within three days he was sleeping through the night!

Lauren S.

Lauren S..jpg

Happy mama of 10 month old

She met all of our needs and stood by us...

Hillary was absolutely fantastic. She gave us as new parents the confidence and support we needed to get our daughter sleeping through the night.


She met all of our needs and stood by us until we met our goals. She worked with us on our unique scheduling situations and made sure we would be successful in the future. I recommend her service for any sleep support you need!

Erica H.

Erica H..png

Happy mom of Thomasin (6 months)

My son went from waking every 2 hours to

sleeping 12+ hours through the night!

Hilliary shattered all of my initial hesitations to begin sleep training my son and worked tirelessly and compassionately to make sure we were doing alright through the process.


Within days, my son went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 12+ hours through the night. I cannot thank her enough for all the magical, wonderful work she is doing!


She is a true professional and has a lovely, supportive attitude that makes working with her an absolute joy. But the results speak for themselves...

Kate W.


Sometimes some people are just a miracle in our life

….when you are a brand new mom and you care so much for your baby and you don’t know what to do.


The day I contacted Hilliary I was so desperate I had know idea what to do. I explained to her what was wrong with my baby’s sleep. She helped me a lot, step by step. She called me and emailed me everyday. She taught me what to do.


I don’t know how to thank Hilliary. I really appreciate her and if anything happens in the future when I need help, I will for sure contact her. I love the way she is! Today was the last day of the session and I was almost crying when she was talking to me. Thank you Hilliary!​​


Rana P.

After 1 NIGHT she was sleeping through the night!

Our family is SO Grateful to have been referred Hilliary! Our baby girl is 9 months old and was still walking 2+ times a night to eat, to say we were exhausted was an understatement.


Our baby is also a heart baby with 2 surgeries down and still 1 to go so I didn't want her in her room just crying it out. Hilliary gave us the tools to help her enjoy sleep and after 1 NIGHT she was sleeping through the night. Hilliary is such a great resource and so compassionate we are so happy with the results thank you!


Casey T.

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Hilliary Giglio

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

was personally selected, mentored, and trained by none other than Dana Obleman, the renowned sleep expert and founder of the Sleep Sense program, which has helped more than 1000,000 families around the globe solve their child’s sleeping problems once and for all.


Additionally, her past experience working as a child and family psychologist and social worker informs her approach in an individualized and empowering way, which has led to her clients’ wild success.

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