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Toddler & Big Kid

Sleep Solutions

18 months+

I work with amazing yet exhausted and frustrated parents, like you, of children who just won’t sleep.


The only problem is you’ve read books and blogs on sleep, but nothing has worked. You’re at your wits end and just don’t know what else to do! 


Or... you’re simply too tired to try anything at all to help your little one sleep.


Either way, you’re ready to be done spending hours each night trying to get your child to sleep.

Together, we can teach your child how to sleep straight through the night, with zero wakings!

So you can go from sleepless and frustrated

to you and your child both being able to sleep

10-12 hours each night. 

Are you:


  • At your wits end from spending hours laying with your toddler rubbing their back to help them fall asleep, only to find them standing in the doorway to your bedroom two hours later.

  • Feeling like you’ve tried and tried, but your child just won’t nap?

  • Exhausted because your little one was awake more than asleep last night?

  • Tired of these patterns repeating themselves all day and all night long, resulting in your house being in a constant state of disarray or even having to call in sick to work you’re so tired?

  • Concerned that sleep deprivation is affecting your child’s temperament, immune system, or growth and development?

  • Noticing that your lack of sleep is affecting your entire life from your health and wellness and your career to your relationships, and your overall happiness?

  • So exhausted that you’ve been feeling like motherhood is just not what you thought it would be?


Any of that sound like you? Many parents wonder if this is just how it has to be. Some have even told me that they’re not sure if there's anything at all that will get their child to sleep. 

Just imagine ...

Your child is sleeping through the night,

so you can too.

  • You have the confidence that when you put your child in their crib they will sleep drift off to sleep peacefully on their own, for the entire night

  • You now have time to take a shower, exercise, read a book, have a glass of wine, do whatever YOU want to do, because your child is asleep at 7:00 pm.

  • Your little one takes predictable naps on a schedule every day.

  • You are a healthy, happy, and functioning parent. You have the energy for playdates, are able to accomplish what you want to in a day, can attend to your other children or your job.

  • You're connected with your spouse and you feel like you're on the same team again.

  • You’re getting to work on time, no more calling out sick, no more falling asleep at your desk or missing meetings and deadlines.

  • You have a healthy child, which is your first defense against the nasty cold that's going around daycare.​

  • You experience the feeling of relaxation after you put your child to bed, instead of dread about what the night will bring.

  • And flexibility because you know your child will sleep anywhere if you stick to the routine.

These are exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do about your family’s sleep.


To say they were exhausted and out of ideas is an understatement.

Our Sleep Success Story

He was falling asleep on his own and getting back to sleeping through the night


Our 3.5 year old son went from being a consistent independent sleeper to developing fears of the dark and frequent night wakings, which were taking their toll on our family.


We reached out to Hilliary for guidance to get him back on track and have input from an unbiased person (we couldn't think straight anymore!).


She gave us a clear sleep plan to follow after learning what we were looking for, and was open to modifying it as our son's needs changed.


Within weeks, he was falling asleep on his own and getting back to sleeping through the night. We are all so much more well rested!



Jen and Doug L.

Each Tranquil Beginnings Toddler & Big Kid

Sleep Package includes:

A preliminary questionnaire & bedroom assessment

that allows me to create a customized sleep plan for your family. The plan is written just for you, to work for your little one and your family.

A private

so that you have everything you need to get your child sleeping better in just a matter of days.

to enhance and support your sleep plan because toddlers and big kids learn best with visuals, reminders and interactive tools.

via scheduled phone calls, unlimited daily messages for questions, sleep log monitoring, and the Tranquil Beginnings Tool Kit, so you never have to worry about how to help your tot sleep again.

Tranquil Kid


Three weeks

of support


Toddler & Big Kid Package:


When you teach your child to sleep with a Tranquil Beginnings sleep package, you’ll get through the sleep training process so much quicker, with less stress and tears, and with more success than you ever thought possible.


You and your child will both be enjoying sleep filled nights and energetic days before you know it.

Add-on services

Below in-home/add-on services are available for clients in Dallas & surrounding areas only


Your sleepless nights end here!


Book your complimentary sleep evaluation call below



was personally selected, mentored, and trained by none other than Dana Obleman, the renowned sleep expert and founder of the Sleep Sense program, which has helped more than 57,000 families around the globe solve their child’s sleeping problems once and for all.


Additionally, her past experience working as a child and family psychologist and social worker informs her approach in an individualized and empowering way, which has led to her clients’ wild success.

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