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Do you find your head spinning trying to compare all of the toddler sleep schedule advice you find down the Google rabbit hole?


Wake windows vs clock schedule. Limit napping vs the 3 hour nap. The advice floating around there can be so contradictory!


Do you just wish you knew exactly when your child should sleep at their age?


Wondering how to add in healthy sleep routines to an age appropriate schedule?


If so, you are not alone!


This is such a common request I receive from parents that I created the Custom Toddler Schedule Guide (designed for children have transitioned or will soon transition to one nap/day; 12-15 months through 3-4 years) 


No more head spins. No more guesswork. Just submit the Custom Schedule intake form and your Custom Schedule, including routine advice and bonus tips about dropping the nap, will be delivered to your inbox within 2 business days.

Toddler Custom Schedule

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