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In-Home         Support

Below in-home/add-on services are available for clients in St. Augustine/Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas onlyIn-home packages have limited availability and require advanced scheduling.

Want to meet in person before we start your child's sleep plan?

  • Worried about starting your sleep plan on your own?


  • Single parent or partner works nights and you'll need to implement night one on by yourself?


Some parents feel reassured having us (literally) by their side that first night.


Do you live in St. Augustine/Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding areas?  I can come to you!

I will come to your home for the 60-90 minute consultation portion of your sleep package. I will also evaluate and make recommendations for change to your child's bedroom.


In-home Consultation

Any package + $150

Happy Baby

In-Home Bedtime Support

Gold Package + $450

Sometimes parents just want a little reassurance to get started!


I’ll be there for you through the first bedtime and falling-asleep process as you work through night 1 of your plan. I will arrive 30 minute before your child's bedtime routine starts and provide 3 hours total of in-person, real-time, coaching and support.


Half Night Support

Gold + $800 | Platinum + $350

Sleepy Baby

Change can be difficult – for all of us! Many parents feel very anxious about the first night of implementing their child’s new sleep plan.


They ask themselves: “Am I going to be able to stick to it, even when I’m completely exhausted?


What if I have questions in the middle of the night? What if it doesn’t work?”


With this addition to your Infant or Toddler & Big Kid Sleep Package, I will arrive at your house 30 minutes before your child's bedtime routine starts and provide 5 hours total of in-person, real-time, coaching.


I will assist bedtime and the falling asleep process. After that, we will have time for you to ask me whatever you want!


I will then be in charge of the baby monitor and parents can go to bed!


At the first wake-up, I will be right there to coach you through exactly what to do to get your baby back to sleep without resorting to his/her old sleep habits. Together, we can make the changes that your baby needs!  

In-home Consultation
Bedtime Support
Half Nigh Support
Allergen Reduction

Overnight Consultation

Gold + $1800 | Platinum + $1350 

Maybe having a sleep expert on hand for the ENTIRE first night of sleep training sounds the most supportive to you and you'd like a guaranteed way to set you up for success?!


I offer a limited number of full-night (12 hours) of in home support packages.

Full Night Support
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