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How to say goodbye to sleepless nights, for good!

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What our clients are saying?

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Our daughter started sleeping through the night (11-12 hours!) by 8 weeks and hasn't needed a night feeding since! She also naps like a dream!

As a mom of two, I thought I knew exactly how to add a third to the mix and get her sleeping on a schedule.


However, my daughter has very much so humbled me and taught me that all babies are different! Nothing that worked for the first two worked for her. We were at our wits end when Hilliary entered our lives.


My boys took more coaxing to nap but with Hilliary's guidance, even my nanny and in-laws say how shocked they are that we can all put her down awake and she goes to sleep! We are so grateful. Every penny was worth it!

Sarah A. - Happy Mom

I didn't know how much I needed Hillary's help with my 8 month old son. I was kind of on the edge of thinking things would just work themselves out.  I AM SOOOO GLAD that we found Tranquil Beginnings. 

Our son had been waking each night every 2 -3 hours, maybe sometimes he would give me 4, but as a first time mom, I thought that you had to be tired ALL the time.  I hadn't slept more than a 2 hour increment in a year!  Hillary is able to load you up with knowledge without overwhelming you, and I feel like the changes we made were subtle, but the difference is GINORMOUS! 


While the changes were bigger than I thought, she is right there with you so you do get overloaded and confused, so it feels easier.  Our little one is now sleeping 12 hours at night and taking predictable naps! WHAT?! it's crazy. 


We interviewed about 3 different consultants and it was very clear that she was the one.  She is clear, she sets expectations very well and is able to answer questions even before you ask them, she knows her stuff that well! I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you are reading this, I wish you GOOD LUCK! Call her today :).



Marianne - Happy Mama

As first time parents, we coddled the heck out of our first born and until we reached out to Hilliary, she wouldn't sleep in her own bed without one of us there and/or wouldn't sleep in her own bed at all.



Hilliary was truly a godsend for my husband and I. We had her work her wonders on both our 3 year old and our 4 month old. Within 10 days of working with Hilliary, our daughter can now sleep in her "princess bed" without any issues and sleeps through the night with no problems.


Our 4 month old was a dream in this case, but we wanted to make sure we got ahead of the game with her so we didn't have the issues like we had with her sister. Hilliary walked us through the best way to work through naps and night time with her.

She also has great tips for day care as well that have been excellent to assist us in that regard. I truly can't recommend her enough!

Drea and Scott S.- Happy Parents

Toddler/Big Kid

When we decided to work with Hilliary, our only hesitation was that we weren't sure how our son, James (4.5 years), was going to respond and it was a good amount of money to be out of if it didn't work.

But, James went from not sleeping by himself AT ALL (he was sleeping with mom in his bed every night), to going through his bedtime routine and sleeping through the night without mom being in his bed at all.


One of the best parts about working with Hilliary was knowing we had someone in our corner, to reassure us that we were doing the right thing when we had a rough night. In addition to our son getting the sleep he needs, my husband and I can actually enjoy our evenings together. Before I went to bed when James went to bed and got up when he got up. Not exactly an ideal situation in a marriage.


I would absolutely recommend working with Hilliary. It worked with very little tears from James or from us. There will be good nights and rough nights. KEEP GOING, stick with it!

Megan - Happy Mama

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Who’s Hilliary?

Hilliary Giglio is a Pediatric Sleep Specialist and Family Coach who works with exhausted and frustrated parents that have read books and blogs that haven't worked, or have simply been too tired to try anything new.


Often described as the sleep expert, support partner, cheerleader, and accountability buddy all rolled up into one, she helps families compassionately teach their child to LOVE sleep and do it well, so that everyone in the family can get the rest they need to not only survive, but THRIVE.


Hillary has helped hundreds of families from expecting parents to parents of school-aged children, across 3 continents, and won’t stop until your family is sleeping well, too!

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